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  • Benefits of Biofeedback

    Benefits of Biofeedback

    When you take another step or wave your hands you control these actions. There are some other body functions that are controlled by your nervous system. You never think about making your heart beat faster, it just happens.

    Biofeedback training is used to help prevent or treat conditions, including migraine headaches, chronic pain, incontinence or high blood pressure. It is a technique that can help you to gain more control over involuntary funcions of your body.

    The idea behind biofeedback is that, by harnessing the power of your mind, you can gain more control over your health.

  • Music therapy for mental problems? YES! Doctors prescribing it now.

    Music therapy for mental problems? YES! Doctors prescribing it now.

    Everybody listen to music. Music is an important componant of the human culture. Music can be used for personal motivation, medical usage, concentration, against shifting mood. People said "Music is a balm for the human soul". Though traditional “music therapy” encompasses a specific set of practices, the broader use of music as a therapeutic tool can be seen nowadays as doctors are found recommending music for a wide variety of conditions.